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Limited Edition 1


Product Features

* Handmade crochet made by Thai Doll Artist (not a normal wig cap) with high quality Russian mohair

* Be aware that these shoes are an antique concept, so they intentionally have an aged design.

  • Content: Full set Doll / Certificate / Box & soft cushion / Spare parts  / Product Manual / Stand / Necklace
  • Characteristic: Handmade double sided eyes, eyelid with different eyechip shades, operable eyelid from the front (ice cream shaped eye adjustment tool included)
  • Back gear allows for fine adjustment of the eyelids. 


    • Eye chips size - 12 mm
      • For eyeballs, "blank type (with clear glass eye chips)" is the basic model.
    • Wig size - 10.5 inches
      • Tips for doll wigs
        For 9-10 inch: well fit into the head, if you pull down the wig and rip it just a little bit during the adjustment
      • For 10-11 inch: enough space available for the head
        (Artist's advice: 9-10 inch wigs are highly recommended for better-looking hair )
    • Neck diameter - 2.6cm
    • Basic Koo Body Size Info.
      • Height - 31cm
      • Chest circumference - 16.5cm
      • Waist circumference - 16.5cm
      • Hip circumference - 19.5cm
      • Wrist circumference - 3cm
      • Foot size - 2cm
      • Ankle circumference - 3.5cm
      • Arm length(from the shoulder point to the wrist) - 7.5cm
      • Leg lenght(from the waist point to the ankle ) - 14cm
      • Wig size - 10.5inches
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