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ISSUE NO. #1 - Interview


is back with Rose who is his a good friend makeup artist.

Have you heard of Rainman and his legendary girl dolls, such as Ryuung, Soah, Sooah, and others? They were all beautiful masterpieces, but sadly disappeared. I was honored to have him back in our doll community and had a brief interview to share his story here.

July _01.png

Can you tell me how you become a doll sculptor/artist?

Initially, I started by making plastic models as a hobby. But eventually, I wanted to create something even more unique and personal, so I began crafting my down dolls from scratch. It's been a fun and rewarding experience to bring my creations to life!

Can you tell me about the thought process you have when creating dolls?

As the leader of a family, I strive to fullfill my doll collectors and buyers' requests to the best of my abilities in my professional work. In my artistic endeavors, I like to draw inspiration from everyday life and put my heart and soul into each one. It's a really fun and spontaneous way for me to express myself and share my ideas with others.

How have you been doing since you left the Elfdoll?

After leaving Elf Doll, I focused on figures, so I spent my time creating characters for movies and
anime. I did some ball jointed dolls from time to time, but I did a lot of  work for individual and corporate orders. It's hard to recall a heartbreaking story, but I missed so much the collectors who loved my work through Elfdoll.

What do you like to say to the doll collectors who collected Rainman's dolls 10 years ago?

I thought it was a long time ago, and I wonder if there are still people who still remember me. But I was very, very grateful for the messages and the support of collectors who still love my work and are waiting for my comeback. I vowed to go back and take the time to interact with my fans again, and that time has come. Now, from the bottom of my heart, I want to make and share a doll work that becomes a link with fans as best I can until the day my fingers can sculpt.

Artistic Expression

When it comes to creating a beautiful female body, what I focus on the most is the "body line." Rather than
focusing on the coke-bottle-like body that everyone expects and desires, I want to create a body line that is a
little more human and realistic. So sometimes, the body I make is not compatible with the average doll
body of other BJD companies. I have a size and a line that I think is good to match, but when I apply it to
something that is good to match, it feels like it's not mine. I've always made the bodies and faces I want to
create, and I will continue to make my own Rainman dolls.


Normal Bust 27cm

Large Bust 30cm

Large Bust 30cm

Blina LE1

Blina LE1

Blina LE1

Eva LE1

Eva LE1



Who is your most memorable doll collector?

Thank you to those who quietly order, bring and take care of my work, and I appreciate the collectors who take and send a lot of pictures. I am always
thankful to all the collectors who have at least one of my dolls.

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