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ISSUE NO. #1 - Interview


Meeting new people can be a mix of emotions, exciting and nervous, right? Especially if there's a language barrier. But with this interview, we'll get to know MYDOLLING Doll Artist MJ better and get closer

Love Koo_sailer_03.png

Sailor Koo - Love Koo

Could you share with us how you got into doll-making?

It's so fascinating to learn about people's creative journeys. I actually stumbled upon a photo of a doll artist online back in 2001 and it sparked a fire in me to try my hand at making dolls. I didn't have any formal training, but I managed to teach myself the craft using translation tools. It's been a
wonderful adventure experimenting with different materials and techniques to create unique dolls ever since. I even started a workshop to share my passion with other doll-making enthusiasts.

Who is your most memorable doll collector?

One of the collectors I met at a doll event brought a faded doll. She was French, and she told me how much this doll meant to her and how grateful she was for me to make it. She also drew a beautiful picture of me at the event. It was the most memorable as it touched my heart and how much she loved the dolls I made.

Make up Head of Alice Sister - Love Koo

Doll Tale - KOO

KOO line dolls start with MJ, who looks like me, then DANA, LUCIE, and the recently released doll called LOVE.

What inspired you to create LOVE Koo?

I wanted to add some dynamic facial expressions and I've been interested in exploring this since creating Q.Pito in the past. However, implementing it with the clay I use was challenging. With the widespread use of 3D programs, I was finally able to bring my vision to life. It wasn't an easy process, but it was exciting to see my ideas come together. My hope is that more people can express and share their emotions in unique ways through these dolls.




Alice Sisters


Each Alice dolls are the one of kind doll with the special makeup.

What do you mostly want to do this year?

I haven't been able to work much with childcare for a while. I want to make a lot of dolls with other artists and create opportunities to connect with my fans more for the rest of the year.

Betsy - Real Skin

Sue Real Skin



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