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ISSUE NO. #1 - Interview


We wanted to take a moment to honor our dear friend Pasu Lau, who has been such a wonderful family to our doll community.

We were saddened to hear about his struggles with his previous brand, Doll Heart, but we want to show our support by getting to know more about his journey and his new brand, CODE NOiR. We've included an interview below that we hope will shed some light on his experiences and future plans.


How long did you work with DollHeart?

DollHeart was found by me in 2003 and separated in 2015.

What was the most challenging thing after separating from DollHeart?

I suffered the Major Depressive Episode (MDE)and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after separating. I lost most of interest or pleasure in my life (and my weight too. lol , I lost 8kg in the first
single month after separating). 


This problem makes me unable to share and communicate with friends, and all my life attitude activities have been changed.

With the support of my family, the team of CODE NOiR, Aimerai and Faith Z, I am recovering slowly and feel good in 2022. I am so happy that we are working with Joo (Ms. Cholong) again in 2023.

How did you decide to start CODE NOiR?

"CODE NOiR" 's was picked up and found by my team in 2015. Code Noir means the black label in
French. Black label collections are always = the best quality and really exclusive products in fashion. As we aimed to provide the best quality exclusive designs & products to our customers, thus, we picked it as our brand name at the beginning stage.

Some fans email us about some historical negative meanings about Code Noir. In order to differentiate
the "Best quality" from those negative historical issues, we have revised our brand name as "CODE
NOiR" and a heart is on the i of the word NOiR. That means we hope we can spread the love to the community via our doll products.

What are your current goals with CODE NOiR?

...For me, ball jointed dolls are a medium which can let us share our aesthetic feelings with other people. This is similar to a painter using ink and paint to draw the beautiful scene in front of them, or a pianist playing the harmonious chord heard inside his head. ...With CODE NOiR, CODE NOiR act as a medium or a platform for sharing our aesthetic feelings with all collectors and interacting with them, so all collectors would stylise their beloved dolls with CODE NOiR. By the way, CODE NOiR are not only provides BJD apparel to doll collectors, but also works with other Doll Companies, Doll Artists, illustrators and even
human fashion designers for aesthetic projects before. Hope we can meet and work with United States Artists again soon.

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Pasu Lau


Pasu Lau

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